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A nice cabin air filter if you're a bug

Cabin air filters are designed to filter out pollen or other contaminants whilst absorbing noxious odours and harmful gases.

See a particularly dirty filter we have recently extracted from one of our customers vehicles.

Are you sure your Cabin Air Filter is clean?

The toxins and contaminants the cabin air filter is designed to block may cause nausea, tiredness, headaches or more significant health issues for people with asthma or chronic respiratory issues.

Not only will replacing your cabin air filter improve the air in the car, it will also help you get better fuel performance from your vehicle!

LM Motors check your cabin air filter as part of our free 65 point vehicle inspection report which you can request with a full car service.

If you think your cars cabin air filter is due for a change, see the team at LM Motors or book online!

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