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Please choose from the list of car services performed at LM Motors in Townsville QLD 4810.

To become a customer of LM Motors, book a repair online or call us for a free car service quote! You can rest assured that all quality parts and work performed are backed by a Repco Authorised Car Service Nationwide Warranty.

Full Mechanical Service

We can perform car servicing to your requirements.
Our Repco Auto-Tech trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair across all makes and models of motor vehicles.
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Air Conditioning Service

EPA Approved Procedure Including Evacuation & Re-Gas. ARC licence # AU09008
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Auto Electrical Service

We do electrical repairs, including Alternators and Starter Motor replacement, as well as wiring, battery, controls, voltage regulator, generator, sound system and other electrically operated and controlled system and device work.
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Battery Check & Replacement

Testing, exchange and disposal of all car batteries.
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Brake & Clutch Service

Includes System Check, Machining of Drums, System Flush & Shoe Replacement. Clutch service includes adjustment, hydraulics and clutch pad replacement.
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Child Restraint Installation

Includes fitting and checking child restraints in vehicles and provide advice, instruction and consumer information.
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Cooling System Service

Cooling & Heating service includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor.
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Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Our EFI Service includes checking sensors, diagnostics, testing and inspection, cleaning your throttle valve, fuel filter and fuel injector, checking engine control unit (ECU), repairs and replacements.
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Engine Diagnostics & Tune-Ups

Includes injector clean as required and  65 Point Vehicle Inspection report.
Uses specialised scan tool where required.
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Engine Repair & Rebuilding

We handle minor and major engine repairs, including Engine Rebuilding and Engine Reconditioning.
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European & Luxury Car Service

Our mechanics have the expertise and technology to service your prestige, luxury and European vehicles in our workshop, including BMW, Peugeot, Lexus, Porsche, Audi, Volvo and many more.
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Exhaust Fitting & Service

Exhaust manifold, gasket, fastener, joint, catalytic converter, muffler, tailpipe, emission inspection, fitting and servicing.
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Fleet Servicing & Fleet Solutions

Processes that are completely focused on professional automotive maintenance and repair conducted with highly efficient speed and delivery of service.
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Gearbox & Transmission Service

Includes removal of the old gearbox fluid, inspection of check plug and drain plug and refilling the gearbox with new fluid.
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LPG Repair Service

Includes repair and service of your installed LPG system.
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Mobile Mechanic

If you have car trouble on the road or cannot get to our workshop, we will take our skills and tools directly to you.
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New Car Service under Warranty

If you have a new car under Statutory Warranty, you can rest assured that we can carry out the log book service as required and still retain your auto warranty. Once your service is complete, we will stamp your vehicles logbook as a record of regular maintenance.
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Pre-Purchase Inspection Service

We conduct a comprehensive motor vehicle condition report to assess the condition of the motor vehicle.
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Roadside Assistance&Breakdowns

Providing assistance to motorists whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure.
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Road Worthy Certificate Inspection

If you are buying or selling a vehicle or changing your registration from interstate, you will require a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC).
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Standard Car Services

Minor Service and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report,
Major Service and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report,
Log Book Service

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Steering Service

Our Steering Service cleans and treats the power steering system, checks seals, cleans debris and contaminants.
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Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Leading automotive experts recommend to have a mechanic inspect your shock absorbers every 20,000 km. The function of your car’s suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride even when you’re on a bumpy road.
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Towing Service

Safe and secure car towing service making sure your vehicle gets where it needs to be. Contact us for quick response and never get stranded again.
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Tyre Fitting & Repairs

All tyres supplied, fitted and balanced.
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Wheel Alignment Service

Adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.
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Wheel Balancing Service

Adjusting the tyres and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations.
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Windscreen & Glass Service

We provide windscreen repairs, windscreen replacements, headlamp renewals, watermark solutions, tinting service, etc.
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While your car is being serviced, you can use our comfy waiting lounge with tea, coffee and cold drinks available, TV and toilet access. It is also possible to monitor the repairs from a designated vehicle repair viewing area. Car vacuum can be arranged with every service. Our workshop stocks a range of car products and accessories for sale, as well as a great selection of car parts, including that hard to find part. We are located close to public transport, and free parking is available in front of workshop with a key drop off box for your convenience. You can book our loan car to use as emergency transportation and towing service is available for those roadside breakdowns. Our mechanics can pick up your car for service and deliver it back to you when the repairs are complete. Call our car service now or book a repair online!

We service all makes and models of cars, including diesels, AWDs, 4WDs, caravans, campervans, trailers, buses, minibuses, light trucks, motorhomes, hybrids, racing cars, tractors, earthmovers, forklifts, ATVs, boats, horse floats, motorbikes, scooters, off-roads, utes, vans and your car!


Your trusted Townsville mechanic LM Motors is certified to perform Safety Tests and Checks and issue Road Worthy Certificates - Blue Slips, e-Safety Checks, Emissions Check, Engineer Certificates, Green Slips, LPG Registrations, Rego Checks with modern Dynamometers, Emissions Analysers, Dyno Tuning and Testing Equipment.

As experienced motor engineer and repairer, LM Motors Townsville mechanic workshop performs quality ABL, Active Power Steering, Air Conditioning Repairs and Product Installation, All Mechanical 4WD Repairs, Anti Lock Brakes, Auto Electrical Repairs, Automatic and Manual Gearbox Service and Repairs, Booster Repairs, Brake & Clutch Services and Repairs, Brake Bonding, Brake Machining, Brake Reconditioning, Electric Brakes, Custom Brake Lines, Custom Exhaust Systems, Caliper Overhauls, Clutch Inspection, Clutch Rebuilding, Clutch Replacements, Cooling & Heating, Cylinder Head Re-Conditioning, Cylinder Honing, Cylinder Sleeving, Diff, Disc Brakes, Disc Machining, Drum Brakes, Drum Machining, DSC, Electronic Fuel Injection, Electronic Tuning, Engine Rebuilding, Engine Exchange, Flywheel Machining, Fuel Conversions, Gas Analysis, Hydraulic Repairs, Log Book Servicing, LP Gas & Repairs, Performance Brakes, Performance Engine Builds, Performance Enhancements, Power Brake Overhauls, Power Steering, Rotor Machining, Suspension Repairs, Transmissions, Tune-ups, Upgrades and Customizing.

Car Parts: Adapters, Air Conditioning, Air Filters, Airbags, Axles, Batteries, Bearings, Belts, Boosters, Braided Hoses, Brake Cylinders, Brake Hoses, Brake Linings, Brake Pipes, Brake Shoes, Brakes, Calipers, Camshafts, Carburettors, Catalytic Converters, Change-over Units, Chassis, Clutch Cables, Clutch Cylinders, Clutch Hoses, Clutches, Coil Springs, Compressors, Condensers, Coolant, Cooling Systems, Crankshafts, CV Joints, Cylinder Heads, Cylinders, Differentials, Disc Rotors, Distributors, Doors, Driers, Drive Shafts, Drums, ECUs, EFIs, Electrical, Engines, Evaporators, Exchange Units, Exhausts, Filters, Fuel Filters, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Systems, Fuel Tanks, Fuses, Gas Struts, Gaskets, Gearboxes, Heater Cores, Heavy Duty Clutches, Hoses, Hydraulic Cylinders, Ignition Systems, Lights, Lubrication Systems, Master Cylinders, Mufflers, New Parts, Oil Filters, Onboard Computers, Pads, Pistons, Power Steering Fluid, Quad Cams, Radiators, Receivers, Restraints, Rings, Rods, Rotors, Seals, Seats, Shock Absorbers, Shocks, Slave Cylinders, Slotted Rotors, Soundstops, Stainless Steel Sleeving, Starter Motors, Steering, Struts, Suspension, Timing Belts, Torque Converters, Transfer Cases, Transmission Fluid, Transmissions, TX Valves, Tyres, Used Parts, Valves, Warning Light, Washer Fluid, Water Pumps, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Cylinders, Wheels, Windscreens, Wipers

Product: Air Packs, Brake Shoes, Clutch Kits, Gearboxes

Brands: ACL, A'PEXI, ARB, Autometer, Autotech, Autronic, AVO, Bendix, Besco, Bilstein, Bond, Bosch, Brembo, Caltex, Carbon Metallic, Carline, Castrol, Century, Cummins, Daikin, Dana Spicer, DBA, Delphi, Denso, Don, Dunlop, EBC, Exedy, Exxel, Federal-Mogul, Felpro, Ferodo, Fleetguard, Gabriel, Garrett, Gem, Hawk, Hitachi, Holley, Hurricane, IBS, Impco, Koni, Low Kar, Lucas, Maxistop, Michelin, Milford, Monroe, Morgan, MoTeC, Motorcraft, Motul, MSD Ignitions, National, NGK, Nippon Denso, Nolathane, PBR, Pedders, Perfect Power, Performance Friction, Permaseal, Petroject, Powerchip, QFM, Raybestos, Repco, Ryco, Safari, SEA, Simota, Speedflow, Sports Ryders, SS Inductions, Timken, TrakRyder, Tunehouse, Unichip, Westinghouse, Yokohama, Zexel, Z-Rated

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